Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dueling Pistols - new Olimpic sport ??

The Olympics still have a lot of shooting events but honestly they are all pretty much boring, consisting usually of a couple of people standing quietly and taking shots at paper targets. There haven't athleticism . Yes it's time to bring back dueling pistols.

Why "back"? . Because dueling pistols was an actual Olympic event, though that was only in one Olympics (1906) . Don't think that after that it was discontinued because the losers were dead.

The event actually consisted of competitors shooting the mannequins with bulls eyes on their chests. To appease the more bloodthirsty in the crowd, the mannequins were dressed in frock coats, apparently so fans could better pretend that actual people were being gunned down in the name of sport.

In modern dueling pistols the dress-code could be replaced by the opposing teams' jerseys, bringing even more nationalistic element to the event.

If you're thinking that people wouldn't really want to see this event, a poll before the 2000 Olympics proves you are making mistake. Dueling pistols finished second in a list of sports people would choose to bring back. If is obvious that is popular is thus confirming that dueling pistols is coming back because of the "freak world" we are living with lot of violent games and movies? Is question to answer...

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